Whether you are a Veteran or Simply a Patriotic American, check out our ever changing Veteran Investments page for opportunities to join us in our Mission to house homeless veterans and have veteran tenants in place.

This is an opportunity to feel good knowing you are making a difference in the lives of veterans. You are also making a strong, profit making investment. Not to mention you will helping us to replicate our mission... ...purchase additional rental units, hire more unemployed veterans to renovate them, and finally to then house more homeless veterans. 

Please review the investments page, and feel free to call Sal, at 203.218.3688 with any questions you may have. Looking for a specific property type? Let us know, we'll find it. We need investment partners to keep the mission going.

Together, we CAN make a difference for these men and women that have dedicated their lives to protect us. Together, we CAN help put an end to the veteran homelessness and unemployment crisis.

Veterans Helping Veterans

Calling All investors