Veterans Helping Veterans

About Us

Mr. Nyles Glover

 A Vietnam Era Veteran and lifelong resident of

Stratford. Mr. Glover has an intimate knowledge of the hardships

faced by many of our veterans. Having worked as a Certified

Substance Abuse Counselor for over twenty one years with the

Department of Corrections, he has seen the challenges faced by

all type of individuals, especially veterans. It is very hard to face

life's struggles alone and unaided on a daily basis. By working

along with Mr. Spadaccino of S.P.A.Z. Property, LLC, I have seen

many of these veterans employed and housed. Mr Glover, who is

also a Managing Member of DJG Associates, LLC, is very proud to be a part of Veterans Helping Veterans, LLC.

Salvatore "Sal" Spadaccino

Broker/Partner of Spadaccino Realty Team, LLC and Real Estate Investor and Managing

Member of S.P.A.Z. Property, LLC is proud to be a part of

Veterans Helping Veterans, LLC. Since the first meeting that

came of that initial phone call from the case manager at

Homes for the Brave, things have progressed from assisting

with rentals, to purchasing properties and housing Veterans

himself, to becoming a member of Veterans Helping Veterans,

Now we can assist, not only with housing, but with work as well.  Combing both, gives him a feeling that words can not describe! Sal is spending more and more time exposing Veterans Helping Veterans to obtain work - overseeing the advertising and work areas, as well as obtaining more rental units to provide housing.
Sal is married to his wife, Michelle, the proud father of three adult children, Danielle, Michael (wife Brooke), Salvatore (wife Gyorgyi) as well as four grand children, Madison, Michael, Salvatore, and Gianna.

Who We Are 

Roosevelt Duncan

 A life long resident of Bridgeport, is a Vietnam Veteran, and a

Managing Partner of DJG Associates, LLC. Mr. Duncan has intimate,

experience-based knowledge of the challenges faced by our veterans.

Having worked as a Veteran's Counselor, Outreach worker, and Job

Developer, he has witnessed the many obstacles our veterans face and

attempt to surmount - often alone and unaided.Mr. Duncan is proud to

be part of Veterans Helping Veterans, LLC.

At Veterans Helping Veterans, LLC, we are truly hoping to create a "feel good" environment. For the veteran doing a good days work or having a new place to call home, to the contractors who are employing great people, and contributing money for housing, to the homeowner, who is not only getting great work at a great price, but also supporting two great causes.

Per the advice of our legal team; Attorney Michael Burdo of Berchem, Moses and Devlin, our Certified Public Accountants, Venman and Company, and our insurance agent, Anthony Tavella of Tavella Insurance, Veterans Helping Veterans, LLC is a privately owned, operated, licensed and insured for profit business. We do not receive any government funding to operate.

Our hope is to run a business that will accomplish both goals of our mission - to get unemployed veterans working, and to assist homeless veterans with housing. By donating money, and getting more and more people involved.

We hope you support us with this life changing mission, that will potentially help many, many at need veterans.

We are proud members of the Connecticut Veterans Chamber of Commerce.